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Veggie Bread

Wholesome Healthy Option

Discover the new healthy and scrumptious alternative to everyday bread - VEGGIE BREAD!!


Each loaf is skillfully handmade with love, using the very best ingredients for optimum taste.

It's generously packed with natural, fresh, vegetable pieces and 100% vegetable juice - creating a product full of nourishment.

Perfectly suited for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Make a statement with your food!

Use our colourful, nutritious bread for your events including: Weddings, Exhibitions, Parties, Dinners

Veggie Bread is also perfect for disguising vegetable for children.

Beetroot, Carrot and Spinach
Meet us


We are very passionate about what enter our bodies and would like to transfer this enthusiasm for wholesome healthy eating, into a widely consumed product... BREAD!  

Healthy, wholesome bread!

We omit all the preservatives and additives and replace  them with 100% vegetables juice and vegetable pieces.

Our aim is to reach children who do not have an affinity towards vegetable consumption and introduce it into their daily diet via bread.



Beetroot is a root vegetable that is widely known for it’s health benefits. Our beetroot bread has a sophisticated, earthy, sweet flavour.

Its fabulous, vibrant, red colour, will add;

Contrast to your cuisine

Variety to your meal

Uniqueness to your menu

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               DID YOU KNOW...

     Half a beetroot a day will give your body all the antioxidants and             naturally occurring nitrates

                          it needs.


Spinach has long been regarded as a super food.

Its nutrition adds a new dimension to our bread, with each slice packed with nourishment.

Perfectly complementing your day to day menu, it is;

Savoury and satisfying

Healthy and deliciously home-style baked 

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                DID YOU KNOW...

  Half a cup of cooked spinach contains 10% of your daily recommended                                   value of iron.

In addition to the sweet flavour of our carrot bread, it is crammed with carroty goodness. 

Bursting with nutrients, our versatile carrot bread has endless possibilities for serving: breakfast slice, bun for lunch, rolls for dinner.

Perfect for various occasions, from formal to casual.

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             DID YOU KNOW...

 Raw carrots only give 3% of Beta Carotene, but, when heated up,                      release closer to 40%.

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Absolutely brimming with an aromatic, flavourful combination of fresh herbs.

This savoury bread is a fantastic accompaniment to all  sorts of fillings, soups, curries, snacks or just by itself.

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          DID YOU KNOW...

        Dried thyme is full of                               vitamins

                    B, A, K, E