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Our Story
Nothing in life is more important than health - Health is Wealth!


KoolTaste was born after we conceived the idea to produce fresh, wholesome, vegetable bread that is not only delicious, but most importantly, bread that our children would enjoy eating.

Having four children, we try to make sure they eat healthily and always looked for ways to increase their intake of fruits and vegetable. We started adding vegetables to bread. 

Our children, their friends and our extended family and friends also loved it!


What prompted us to produce our bread commercially was encouragement from family and friends about the benefits of our product , as well as the growing health concerns in  our country.

Bread is the largest consumed staple in the UK, bought by  99.8% of  British households (Federation of Bakers). 

Since we consume so many bread, they should be as healthy as possible. That is why we have omitted all preservatives and additives,  instead added fresh vegetables to further increase  the health benefits.


We pride ourselves on the ingredients used in our bread - Wholemeal Flour, Vegetable juice,  Vegetable pieces, Olive Oil, Yeast, Brown sugar, and Sea Salt. 

We have omitted Flour Treatment, Emulsifiers and Ascorbic Acid (harmful to our bodies), which are present in supermarket bread.